About the School

West Union Attendance Center

West Union Attendance Center was established in 1961 when the local schools of  Enterprise, Poolville, Pinedale, and Macedonia were combined. The school currently serves students Pre-K-12th grade and has an enrollment of 629.  It is one of four schools in the Union County School District and rests on Highway 30 West.  
Since its establishment, the school has served as an educational beacon and source of pride for the students, parents, and community it serves. Since its inception West Union has carried a reputation of excellence and has developed a track record as one of the top performing schools in the state. In fact, West Union was rated as an “A” school in the last publicly released accountability ratings in 2012-2013. On recent Subject Area High School assessments in 2014, West Union High School had three subject areas (Algebra I, Biology, and English II) rank in the top two in the state on scale scores.


Academic achievement has become a tradition at West Union; however,  students find many opportunities in the excellent extra-curricular activities offered.  Engagement in the school process is important for students to remain in school, and students have many clubs and activities available at West Union. Sports offered are boys and girls basketball, baseball, slow pitch softball, fast pitch softball, bowling, archery, and golf. West Union also boasts an active journalism department as well as active clubs (BETA, FBLA, SADD, FCA, and Press Club ).


Students in the Union County School District are part of a legacy of distinction stated by former West Union Principal and Union County Assistant Superintendent, Ron Scott in the Union County Student handbook, “When a student enrolls in the Union County School District he becomes part of a unique class of people. This class of students will mature and spend much time together. They will develop as close friends. The attitude of e ach school toward academics, sports, clubs and other activities makes the Union County School District distinct from other districts. Each school, regardless of its size and its mixture of personalities, adds character to an already perfect place.”